Pharos Blueprint Enterprise/Pharos Uniprint

Save Money with Print Optimization and Secure your Documents

Pharos - Roam Securely

Pharos print and management software has been around for more than 20 years. It’s been installed in many fortune 500 companies and large universities in over 25 countries. Pharos Enterprise and Uniprint solutions help customers track, monitor, audit, and control their print and copy assets to reduce waste, optimize performance, and securely release documents. No matter who is printing, where they’re printing, or what they’re printing to, this vendor neutral solution can help address a variety of organizational needs including:

  • Save money by cutting spending on paper, toner, ink, and equipment
    • Even earn a profit by charging for printing, copying, or faxing
  • Save paper and reduce unnecessary printing
  • Save the environment by reducing print volume and waste
  • Save documents from getting into the wrong hands with secure release printing

Pharos is a powerful and innovative print management solution designed to help customers save up to 60% of their printing and copying costs. With a 96% retention rate since 2002, it’s clear that Pharos is a low risk, high reward option that can help your organization accomplish a variety of goals while reserving valuable IT resources for other major tasks.

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